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Photo Restoration

Whatever the condition of your photos – from slight fading to more serious damage – we have a service that’s right for you, and each is priced to reflect the work involved. But you can be sure that however much improvement, repair or rebuilding is required, we’ll give all your valued photos the individual care and attention they deserve.

Why not take a look at our examples? To view the ‘before and after’ restoration images, move your mouse across the image below to reveal the different versions.

Click on the links below for large detailed examples of the superb results we can achieve for you.

Minor Restoration. Prices from £15

Before After

If your photos have only minor damage, for example if they’ve become slightly faded or discoloured over time, this could be the appropriate service. It’s also suitable for newer photos that have minor imperfections. At this level of service we can:

  • Restore faded or discoloured areas
  • Improve contrast and brightness
  • Remove colour cast
  • Enhance sharpness and colour balance
  • Repair minor blemishes and spotting
  • Repair small scratches and minor creasing
  • Improve composition of photo
  • Remove red-eye

View a large detailed Before & After example of Minor Restoration

Moderate Restoration. Prices from £30

Before After

This is ideal if your photos have suffered a moderate amount of wear and tear. It’s appropriate for those that need to be cropped or resized, or where the colour or brightness needs to be corrected. We can also repair creases and marks on the background of the picture, and replace torn corners. At this level of service we can:

  • Remove larger scratches and creases
  • Remove stains and marks
  • Remove minor objects
  • Enlarge images and adjust colour
  • Repair torn corners and damage in non-vital areas
  • Restore very faded photos
  • Remove a strong colour cast

View a large detailed Before & After example of Moderate Restoration

Complex Restoration. Prices from £45

Before After

If your photos have a significant amount of damage – for example, if they’re torn, faded, discoloured, creased or stained – they may well need more in-depth work. This would include restoration of complex details, for example on the face or other parts of the body, on clothing, or other major elements of the picture. At this level of service we can:

  • Remove complex scratches and creases including facial areas
  • Restore extensively damaged areas
  • Reconstruct badly damaged or torn images
  • Rebuild areas of missing background
  • Remove unwanted people or complex objects
  • Make changes to backgrounds
  • Repair large or multiple tears across important features
  • Remove complex scratches and blemishes
  • Correct extensive fading or discolouration
  • Make major colour improvements

View a large detailed Before & After example of Complex Restoration or Colour Restoration

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At the Photo Restore Centre we treat all your pictures with the special care and attention they deserve. All our work is carried out in-house, and we devote time and expertise to achieving the best results possible. 

We assess each of your photos individually and carry out the work you've requested to the highest professional standards.

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